Summer Update

Wow, what a fun summer we’ve had in Fulks Run!

We’ve been busy finally getting the truck road worthy- thanks to our trusty mechanics and windshield experts!

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Ron has also been practicing his painting skills. The copper color is just a primer, followed by silver and dark black for some of the interior and a cream colored bumper.

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Since our last update we also have new t-shirts. There are two designs: the Turner Hams logo and a drawing of the truck. Both are popular and we love seeing our customers wear them near and far! Buy them at the store ($14.99) or call us to have them shipped. Send us your picture to be included in the slide show!

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We won an award! On a rainy day in June, we entered the Bill Harter Memorial Truck Show in Fulks Run. The truck won Best of Show for the antique category. We held our own next to the heavy duty trucks!

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A few weeks ago we were busy frying ham for the Fulks Run Ruritan Club’s annual Lawn Party. We fried around 350 pounds of boneless sliced ham and sold 2000-some sandwiches, but the highlight was definitely the hot air balloon! Turner Sisters Norma and Pat sold tickets from the HamVan.

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When we’re not busy frying ham, the HamVan also doubles as a (hippie) camper! Here we are at RedWing Roots Music Festival.

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Check back soon for more updates!

Thanks for reading!

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