She’s Here! Now What?

In December, Ron found a sweet, sweet 1965 Grumman Kurbside aluminum step van on eBay.  A food truck company in Maine (Bite into Maine) had originally purchased her with the intention of a mobile lobster roll truck but ended up with a Maine winter friendly brick and mortar shop, so they listed the truck for sale. We decided to take a chance and won the auction! After a few stressful days of trying to arrange transportation from Maine to Virginia, the truck finally showed up in Fulks Run.



The truck arrives on a snowy, December day!

We had a blast decorating the truck for Christmas, and loved seeing local customers stop to take a picture. A few locals told us that they recognized the truck- in the past local chicken hatcheries used these trucks to deliver baby chicks (locally called pee-pees) to farmers.

Moving lights made the truck wheels “spin” in the parking lot

Now that our busy Holiday and curing seasons are over, we’ve had time to take the truck to the shop. It’s getting some rehab and we’re adding a few “modern” touches (um- hello, vintage restaurant booths!) and is expected to be back later this spring.

Check out that retro tile!


We’re throwing around ideas- what do you want to buy from the truck? Grilled pork or chicken sandwiches, fried ham, a fresh snow cone, or maybe even ham pot pie? Leave us a comment below!

Vintage snow cone machine


Check back later for more restoration updates!


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